MagicWand: TwelveSouth’s Device For Apple Wireless Keyboard And Magic TrackPad


You would probably been wondering, what is MagicWand? An alakadabra magician stick for magic show? The new TwelveSouth’s MagicWand is designed as a little accessory that will connect Apple’s Magic Trackpad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard. The MagicWand is one sleek, compact, portable piece of input device that will work well to Apple iMac, MacBook […]

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TwelveSouth BookBook: Definitely Not A Dumb Dumb Case


TwelveSouth has unveiled a neat case for Apple MacBook dubbed ‘BookBook’. The outer casing is made similar to an antique old book and come in red and dark brown color. Visually, it will camouflage your MacBook inside the BookBook case. In case you are not familiar with computer and do not want other to find […]

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BookArc for iPad – TwelveSouth


TwelveSouth seems very responsive to market’s demand and has recently launched it BookArc for iPad lovers. Despite the dual function BookArc for MacBook we have been reviewing yesterday, this BookArc is specially designed to fit for iPad’s dimension and basically a desktop stand. You could place your iPad on the portrait and landscape positions and […]

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BookArc Holder For iPad, Tablet And MacBook: Multi Functions Gadget


Do you remember the BookArc we have mentioned in August last year? This is a great device if you have bought a bluetooth keyboard such as Logitech diNovo Edge for your iPad. You could simply slide your tablet or iPad on the BookArc when you are not mobile around and enjoy it as a desktop […]

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