Constructed in an aluminium case and rugged Gorilla Glass lens protector, following new project unveiled on Kickstarter is called Lunatik Taktik iPhone case. Designed to offer solid protection for surviving extreme shock and drop, Lunatik Taktik rugged iPhone case a 9mm impact truss around the edgers to protect your iPhone from dust as well as water damage.

“The devil is in the details and the details make the product. With TAKTIK, we’ve focused on making a case that exceeds user expectations in the rugged case market. TAKTIK balances strong iconic aesthetics with innovative performance features and transforms your iPhone through bold design, precision engineering and the best performance materials.”

From the same creators that released TikTok and LunaTik Apple Nano watch straps, LunaTik Taktik case is also capable to protect your iPhone from dust. If you are interested, you could make a pledge of $150 to get the
silver anodized aluminum TAKTIK iPhone 4/4S case plus UPGRADED Gorilla Glass Lens that retailed at USD175 and inclusive of US Shipping included. However, if you live outside U.S, you could add additional USD20 for international shipping.


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[ Source: Kickstarter ]