Han Song Yi and Yun Song E have an idea for the little fella that start learning to read story books. The Tale-up concept is a user-friendly and portable ‘3D’ pop-up e-book designed specially for kids. Tale-up Story Book concept was in fact a blend of ebooks, stereoscopic imagery, paper planes, pop-up fairy tale books and 3D projection technology.


Once the child opens the Tale-up e-book, the mechanism is turn on and the 3D pop up fairy-tale will begin. There are wheels on both the right and left hand side to ease story book navigation. A simple turn of the wheel on the left side will navigate the 3D pop up images to the previous page, while the right wheel to forward or fast forward the pages.

Fold the Tale-up book will turn the device into off position, there are speakers located on the Tale-up e-book for audio effects. A Holovision and Osiris 3D projector technology are incorporated at the sides of the devices for 3D image projection. The wide-angle screen display will have e-ink technology and eliminates the need for backlighting.