Annoyed by someone spying on your little privacy? If a lesson need to be taught, you could always use the not harmful life-like tarantula to scare the gut out of the annoying eyes. Alternatively, you could always use this furry tarantula to scare away the real arachnophobes from entering your house or your room.

Designed with hairy exterior, urticating hairs that cover the abdomen and serve as defense mechanisms against predators, this eight legged spider moves independently, while the eyes light up will allow you to frighten any real arachnophobes that planning to get into your house.

You could navigate the tarantula to move forwards, backwards and rotates 360 degree, however, you will need to get 2x AA batteries for the remote, while the tarantula need 2x AAA batteries. Suitable for kids ages 6 and up, not suggested to use this remote controlled tarantula on those with heart failure disease, recommended to use it cautiously.


Manufacturer confirmed the remote controlled tarantula comply to U.S Federal toy safety standards for lead. The dimension of this tarantula is 1×6-inch (HxL), weighing 12 oz.

More info about the remote controlled tarantula, right here!