A tiny, cute little silicone submarine that comes with its chain is a loose tea gadget that will prevent the the loose tea all over the cup while releasing the brown tea extract down to the hot cup of water.


Simply submerge the adoroable silicone Tea Sub into your tea cup with the loose tea leaves placed inside the submarine, remember to close tight the submarine mouth and sank the whole unit of the submarine inside the hot water for approximately a minute inside the hot water, pull it up and submerge it again for several seconds until the loose tea leaves release enough tea flavour into the water before taking the tiny submarine up from your cup.

The Tea Sub gadget comes with a dimension of 12 x 4 x 7-cm (HxWxD), and it is made of foodgraded silicone and safe for dishwasher. Great for teaching kids about the submarine, or presumption about how a a sunken fossil fueled ship will pollute the sea, don’t you think so?

Price: USD13.95

[ Source: HardwareSphere ; What The Cool ; Product Page ]