You might have heard once about NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 SoC processor for mobile devices, hence, here comes the news about next generation called Tegra 3+ that is scheduled for release in second or third quarter this year.

Some rumors has speculated that NVIDIA Tegra 3+ processor will likely be on par with the third generation of iPad HD (cross your fingers) in term of speed and resolution. Meanwhile, unofficial info leaked has indicated Tegra 3+ SoC will have a ‘minimum’ of 1.7GHz clock speed, supports LTE connection as well as offering better graphical performance at 25 percent faster compare to the previous generation.


With the faster speed being offers by mobile processors these days, do you think that one day, lightweight mobile computers, such as ultrabook will eventually switch to Tegra or i5 type of processors? Do you think AMD and Intel will soon enter the mobile SoC processor market?

Expect to see correction for minor flaws and weaknesses of previous Tegra 3 processor on the new Tegra 3+ SoC, but nothing is perfect, things just get better, hopefully NVIDIA Tegra 3+ SoC will have more pros rather than cons.

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; NVIDIA Tegra ]