Better known as TeleHuman, a 3D cylindrical display invented by Professor Roel Vertegaal enable people from different location to hold a life-size video conference as though they were in front of one another!

Yes, that’s one cool breakthrough that no mobile phone or communication device manufacturers have considering to jump into yet. The interesting part, however, is that this 3D cylindrical display is made using an array of Microsoft Kinect sensors, a 3D projector and a 1.8-metre tall translucent acrylic cylinder called BodyPod, a convex mirror and of course clever brain of the inventor.


The good news, as far as modern communication device could get, is preventing body odor from being smell by the opposite speaker on the other side, no worry for communicating even if you just finished a gym session with sweats pouring like a rain all over your body.

Photo and Video Courtesy: Human Media Lab Queen’s University Canada
Hopefully we could see this TeleHuman 3D conferencing technology later this year for a Christmas gift, don’t you agree?


Holding tele-conversation would never be the same with this life-size 3D holographic image technology, however, it still lack of human touch, that can’t hold one another physically, but the 3D video image is visible 360 degrees around the BodyPod, both side could view the person from all viewing angles.

[ Source: Human Media Lab TeleHuman – Queen University Canada ]