Annoyed by early morning call from local grocerry store’s robo call? Or perhaps some annoying products sales calls for the whole afternoon? Ever thinking of putting a program on your deskphone to reject all the garbage calls?

Now there is a good solution to your headache!


You could buy the TrueCall device. Yes, it is a small device, attach it to your home phone line and you have a personal telephone call screener to help eliminate cold calls and automated telemarketers.

Basically, the telephone call screener device works by screening all incoming calls’ numbers against a whitelist (a list of approved callers which you could create and save inside the TrueCall memory).

By screening those incoming calls’ numbers, TrueCall telephone call screener will ensures that your personal calls from your mom or dad or  even from your love one will get access to you, while other not in the list numbers will completely banned.

However, those not on the whitelist will be rejected. TrueCall includes a Whisper feature which reject callers that remain silent when asked for their name.

This single feature will take care of the vast majority of pre-recorded sales calls and telemarketers who tend to use silent calls but will allow calls from people who respond to the voice prompt but you haven’t included on your whitelist.

TrueCall will prevent faxes, telemarketers or any other unwanted calls from interrupting your personal time.

Price: £98.-

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