Japan’s Toyota Engineering Society has recently unveiled their latest innovation in form of TES-ERA EV, an EV car designed base on Toyota Sera offering switchless operation on touchscreens, and a game-like element driving experiences to its users.

Toyota TES-ERA EV has 15.7 kWh lithium ion battery, enough for the TES-ERA EV to travel over 80 km and could go up to 50 km in distance under racing condition. The electric motor output itself is set at 123 kW, further supported by battery and storage capacitor twin combination for regenerative turbo, a technology similar on F1 KERS. The inverter itself is using Toyota’s Lexus RX hybrid system, while users could select a meter design on the touchscreen located on the steering wheel.

Video Credit: Diginfo TV

On a chosen design, you can change the display by swiping or jump to the big display located in the middle, the idea is for kids that enjoy the car games, for better adaptation to their driving pattern as if it was a game.

The gullwing doors is a fancy design that car gamers will certainly love to have, while the Milky Way color theme is designed by elementary school students in Toyota City.


Toyota-TES-ERA-EV-gullwing-doorsAll-in-all, Toyota TES-ERA EV is prepared for the next generation of kids that more adapt to racing games than to old-school automotive industry and like to adapt many touchscreen features in the coming years.

[ Source: Techima ; Toyota ]