This probably is one futuristic concept of a beverage machine that might initiate the online order for food industry as well! Originally designed by Zipwhip, Textspresso concept utilizes the cloud texting platform to receive SMS text message before it activate the machine to start making your espresso coffee order.

Is will become a wonderful experience for users to have the Textspresso concept coffee machine preparing your espresso 2 minutes prior your arrival at home after a long day in the office, isn’t it?

It took about 20 full days of work to create and build the Texspresso from scratch, it even fitted with Xbox 360 controller that allows manual integration and scripting creation for the espresso machine.


Unfortunately, Textspresso is not something available commercially in the market right now, as no further info from ZipWhip regarding the possibility of commercialization anytime soon.

[ Source: GeekWire ; ZipWhip ]