Enjoy super hero characters’ adventure from the marvel’s comic books? Following Avengers USB flash drives feature the Ironman, Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor with 8GB storage space should be able to celebrate those mighty super heroes’ idealism to fight for justice in your geek life.

These Avengers themed USB flash drives comes with various designs, the Ironman flash drive with a silver War Machine, Thor with the hammer, Incredible Hulk represented by the tough green fist while Captain America with the unique shield.


Available in 8GB storage space, not available in the US yet, but they are now available for Taiwan, New Zealand, and Hong Kong market. Kinda doubt that these usb flash drives has obtained copyright from Marvel for these USB flash drives themed with characters from Marvel’s super heroes.

No info about pricing yet, but your kids should enjoy to carry those inside their laptop bag.

[ Source: Everything USB ]