1. AA jetpack

AA-jetpackBy LikeCool ; AutoMotto ; DailyMail ; TheAA

2.We’re all babies inside

Were-all-babies-insideBy LikeCool ; NoquedanBlogs ; Baubauhaus

3. Billions of Tiny Bugs Have Green Jobs Cleaning Up Polluted Sites

Microvi-Biotech-cleans-pollutants-with-microbesBy CleanTechnica ; CleanTech ; Army

4. Google Japan’s Drum Keyboard


By 2 Day Blog ; Gizmodo

5. Itoos M8HDP claims 1280p support

Itoos-M8HDPBy Clone In China ; IMP3

6. Xbox 360 Gets The Gold Treatment

xbox360-gold-coatedBy UberGizmo ; Computer Choppers

7. El Hearing Aid Concept Is Classy

elegance02By Yanko Design

8. n933 flip phone looks like a communicator and an iphone had a baby

n933_flip_phoneBy Technabob ; ChinaGrabber

9. Solar Pebble

solar_pebbleBy Yanko Design

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