1. Atmos 566 by Marc Newson


Marc-Newson-Atmos-566-perpetual-watchBy Jaeger Lecoultre ; TechnaBob

2. Pamper yourself with ‘the world’s most expensive bath’

the most expensive bath in the worldBy BornRich ; TheMostExpensiveBath

3. Pantech New Sky IM-U560K is totally chick

Pantech-New-Sky-IM-U560K-for-girlsBy New Launches ; TechGadgetsNews

4. Gameboy Advance cartridges turned into 4GB flash drives

gameboy-advance-cartridge-in-a-4GB-flash-driveBy SlipperyBrick ; Gear Fuse

5. MiNew A10 Hello Kitty Mini-PC Now Available, only in Korea

MiNew-A10-Hello-Kitty-Mini-PC-available-in-KoreaBy ChipChick ; Moneual

6. Lockheed-Martin & IronKey Release Virtual Privacy Machine on a USB Stick

Lockheed-Martin-IronKey-Virtual-Privacy-Machine-on-a-usb-stickBy EverythingUSB ; SlashGear

7. Twin Video Pocket Camcorder Records You and the Scenery Simultaneously [Capture Yourself Capturing Videos with Ion Audio’s Twin Video Camera]

Ion-Audio-Twin-Video-Pocket-CamcorderBy Nexus404 ; Gadget Folder

8. The Space Bar: A Glimmer Of Hope For Cleaning Up Your Desktop Clutter

Quirky-space-bar-hid-your-keyboard-underneathBy Gizmodo ; Quirky

9. Get your own portable wind turbine!

eolic-foldable-wind-powered-generator-your-own-portable-wind-turbineBy Dvice ; EcoFriend ; Geeky Gadgets

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