1. DACport – A High-fidelity USB Headphone Amplifier

By EveryThingUSB ; Centrance

2. Monopoly Boards Are Circular Now. Circular!

By Gizmodo

3. Taking gaming to the next level with OLEDs and projectors

By CrunchGear ; GadgetGrid ; CNET News

4. Real Life Pikachus Auctioned for $925 Million

By WeirdAsiaNews ; YahooAuctionWatch Japan; Tokyo Mango

5. Hardbox 3.0: Sarotech to release new Stylish HDD Enclosure with USB3.0

By AkihabaraNews

6. Mobiado Classic 712ZAF Luxury Phone

By iTechNews ; Nexus404

7. DIY Super-Aerodynamic Modified Honda 125cc Motorbike

By LikeCool

8. Clockwork Love — by Tjep

By Book Of Joe ; Tjep Martiem

9. HTC Trophy gets clearly pictured: QWERTY/touchscreen WinMo candybar [Update: It’s a fan render]

By SlashGear; Pocket Now

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