1. World’s Largest Curved Plasma Display

By Geeky-Gadgets ; Engadget

2. This Desktop Microwave Will Make You Fat

brainwave-usb-microwave-deviceBy Gizmodo ; Yanko Design ; Steve Gates

3. VW Debuts A Car Compatible Folding Electric Bike

vw-electric-bicycleBy PSFK ; Design Blog ; Volkswagen

4. Targus APM69US Premium Laptop Charger

Targus-APM69US-Premium-Laptop-Charger-pluggedBy iTechNews ; Targus ; Get One From Amazon here

5. DigiZoid Zo Personal Subwoofer Cranks Up The Bass For Any Media Player

DigiZoid-Zo-bass-booster-deviceBy TFTS ; 2 Day Blog ; DigiZoid

6. Autom, your personal robot coach and the cutest personal trainer


Introducing Automâ„¢ from Erica Young on Vimeo.

By BornRich ; News CNET ; Intuitive Automate

7. A thin-film might soon give cell phones night vision


By Smart Planet ; Wired ; Discovery News

8. Get Energy from Your Shoe!


By Clean Technica ; Lousiana Tech University

9. That Is So Cool


By Yanko Design ; Joseph Joseph

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