Yesterday Once More  – The Carpenters

When I was young
I’d listened to the radio
Waitin’ for my favorite songs
Waiting they played I’d sing along
It made me smile

Those were such happy times
And not so long ago
How I wondered where they’d gone

But they’re back again
Just like a long lost friend
All the songs I loved so well


1. SolarLight lights up on renewable wind energy

solarlight-using-renewable-wind-energyBy EcoFriend ; Yanko Design

2. $2.5 million Diamond Soccer Ball by Shimansky

2.5-million-Diamond-soccer-ball-by-ShimanskyBy Luxuryes ; Examiner ; FM Co Za

3. Say Hello to The World’s Most Advanced Electric Motorcycle

motoczysz-e1pc-most-advanced-electric-vehicleBy Gizmodo ; PopSci ; Hell For Leather Magazine

4. Fingerprint Security Briefcase

Fingerprint-Security-Briefcase_1By Geeky-Gadgets ; LikeCool ; Oh Gizmo

5. Microsoft may sell 5 million Project Natals in 2010

microsoftprojectnatal-lg1By Electronista ; Wall Street Journal

6. M3-Kindy and Noby: Japan gets two scary kid robots (video)

By CrunchGear ; PlasticPals

7. The Archos March

ARCHOS-13-IntroBy Archos Lounge ; Archos

8. Microsoft Takes Dorky Glasses Out of the 3D Equation

microsoft-3d-technology-without-dorky-glassesBy Tested ; PC World ; Technology Review

9. Wicked Lasers Spyder III Pro Arctic laser pointer isn’t from a galaxy far, far away

wicked-laser-spyder-iiiBy SlashGear ; Wicked Lasers


(*) every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-wo-wo
Still shines
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
That they’re starting to sing’s
So fine

When they get to the part
Where he’s breakin’ her heart
It can really make me cry
Just like before
It’s yesterday once more

Lookin’ back on how it was
In years gone by
And the good times that I had
Makes today seem rather sad

So much has changed
It was songs of love that
I would sing to then
And I’d memorize each word
Those old melodies
Still sound so good to me
As they melt the years away

Repeat (*)

All my best memories
Come back clearly to me
Some can even make me cry
Just like before
It’s yesterday once more

Enjoy & Best Wishes,