1. Sony and Tohoku University announce next generation laser for disks

sony-tohoku-university-blue-violet-semiconductor-laserBy Examiner ; Tohoku University ; Sony Japan

2. NEC begins Nissan Leaf EV battery mass production

nissan-leaf-electric-carBy SlashGear ; NEC Japan ; Nissan

3. Intel Touchscreen Kiosk Looks Futuristic

Intel-kiosk-retailBy UberGizmo ; Wired ; Intel

4. Hitachi Life Microscope Concept

Hitachi-life-microscope-conceptBy Akihabara News ; Hitachi

5. ARPA-E backs a “Smart Metal” to Cool Future Climate Hell

smart-metal-testBy Clean Technica ; Science Daily ; University of Maryland

6. X Tape

X-TapeBy LikeCool ; Super Punch ; Yatzer

7. Personal submarine fits two people, costs two million

Personal-submarine-fits-two-people-costs-twoBy LikeCool

8. Introducing the Touch Revolution’s One-2-One interactive table

Tavolo-one-2-one-interactive-tableBy Born Rich ; Touch Revolution

9. Cool Motorcycle Helmets by Good

Cool-Motorcycle-Helmets-by-Good_3By Like Cool ; Olybop ; Graphika Addict ; Good

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