1. LG Display’s World First 19-inch E Ink Flexible Display, Shipping Soon!

LG-electronic-newspaperBy Akihabara News ; The Cool Gadgets ; Digitimes ; LG Philips

2. Brabus Mercedes S600 iBusiness is A High-Tech Office On Wheels

BRABUS iBusinessBy Born Rich ; Automobiles Review ; Zercustoms ; Brabus

3. Bullet Rings

bullet-ring-from-bullet-girlBy LikeCool ; Bullet Girl

4. Cornelius Comanns: Bufalino

BufalinoBy Design Boom

5. Imation Link “Driver-less” Wireless USB AV Kit Powered by Alereon

imation-wireless-av-extender-usb-gadgetBy Everything USB ; GearLog ; Imation

6. New Star Wars MIMOBOTS Include Yoda, Hoth Luke, Wampa and Snowtrooper

MIMOBOT-star-wars-usb-flash-driveBy ChipChick ; Mimoco

7. To See The World Inside A Toilet Paper Roll…

toilet-paper-tube-worldBy Make Zine ; Behance

8. Nexcopy Standalone USB Duplicator is Blazing Fast

nexcopy-usb-copierBy UberGizmo ; Zedomax ; Nexcopy

9. Eyelashes for Your Car

Car-lashesBy GearFuse ; Car Lashes

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