Lazy to tug the heavy sailboat on your backyard to the beach for windsurfing session? There is a lightweight, inflatable watercraft from Power Glide called Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat that allow you to inflate the sailboat if you are done with your windsurfing session.

The dimension of this inflatable windsurfer and sailboat is 102x60x20-inches (LxWxH), weighing 60 lbs, and it is capable to supports up to 400 lbs or weight on top of the sailboat for sailing on the sea. The 11 1/2-feet tall aluminum mast supports its 33-feet square PVC sail, which is further reinforced by three fiberglass battens to keep it firm and connected during gusts for consistent powered gliding.


“Two keel blades provide reliable tracking and dexterous turns. The sail’s transparent window allows visibility. Supports up to 400 lbs. The included foot pump inflates the craft’s 102″ L x 60″ W x 20” H durable PVC hull in just 10 minutes. Stows in less than 10 minutes and fits into a rolling storage bag that easily fits into a car trunk or boat. “


Capable to accomodate up to 2 person, this inflatable windsurfer and sailboat has a sturdy foothold on the hull, and the 10 mph sailing harness secures to the hull at seven points for optimal stability, a tiller controls the included rudder. Only minor assembly needed to set up the sailboat for your windsurfing session. Whenever you feel not interested in sailboating, you could take off the PVC sail and transform it into a big surfing board enough for two person.

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