Leap Motion has unveiled its latest 3D gesture control system called Leap 3D this week. Claims to be more accurate than Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller, Leap 3D offers ability to control applications with hundredth of a millimeter accuracy and allows touch-free gestures pinch to zoom type of gesture command.

Leap 3D gesture control system is capable to detect user’s movement down to subtle movements of a finger. This type of precision will allow architects or engineers to interact with a 3D model of clay, editing or previewing precision drawing in either 2D or 3D, as well as for playing high accuracy 2D/3D games or manipulating complex visual 3D data.

Let’s roll the video for more info about Leap 3D’s capabilities…

A unique ‘fast-twitch’ feature will allow user to sign digital documents by writing in the air, however, you will need to connect the Leap 3D with a small USB input device to your display and install the bundled sophisticated software for proper usage.


Leap Motion boasts that the Leap 3D is 200 times more accurate compare to Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller, even more precise than a high resolution touchscreen or professional mouse! That would be incredible, isn’t it?

Scheduled for release early next year, no info about worldwide availability and pricing yet.

[ Source: Gizmodo ; Leap Motion Leap 3D ]