The Naples All-Weather Wicker Table and Gas Fire Pit are stylish and versatile product by Outdoor Greatroom. These beautiful fire pits is made with the patented Crystal Fire Burner system, simply with a push of a button, you will get a beautiful, glowing fire appear at top of a tempered, tumbled glass table’s fire pit.


You could also change the look of your crystal fire by adding an optional logset or colored glass on top of the adjustable glowing flames. The table also features a tempered black glass at the top, a rounded concave ‘fire pit’ at the left side of the table. You will also find a cover to close the concave fire pit when not in use.


Once activated, you will soon get the mesmerizing kind of warmth with stunning warm feeling around the table. You could adjust the height of the flames base on your own desired setting and enjoy the warm fire for up to 16 full hours using standard 20lb LP tank, or you could connect it to an LP or natural gas line at your home.


Naples All-Weather Wicker Table and Gas Fire Pit offer the durability of patio furniture with a sturdy aluminum frame and all-weather resin wicker, which make perfect for any season. Yes, you could consider having a group of friend and doing barbecue on the fire pit, but bear in mind, you will need to clean all the dirty, oily left over on top and around the fire-pit and table.

Coming with the bundle, you will also find a regulator, hose, natural gas conversion kit and manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty.

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