Unlike any conventional chairs, you will definitely find the saddle seat fascinatingly useful for correcting your sitting posture. The saddle seat is designed as such, it discourages slouching, major causes of back pain or discomfort for those perform long hours of work on their chair.

The saddle seat is built to encourage semi-standing posture, where the gentle forward slope shifts the pelvis forward and raises the buttocks above the knees, unlike traditional chairs that can restrict blood circulation on the legs, the saddle seat does not exert contact pressure on the back of your upper legs, reducing muscle fatigue.


The saddle seat has a dimension of 21-28 x 17 x 14-inch (HxWxD), with a weight of 17.5 lbs. The seat is made of polyurethane foam for soft yet supportive sitting, and it has a durable polished aluminum frame that has tilt as well as height adjustment. The saddle seat could supports up to 280lbs.

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