One visible weaknesses of conventional, standard windshiled wiper blade is the lack of functionality to get the car windshield a clear, streak-free view of the road if the windshield get dirty by liquid debris like mud, eggs, bird droppings or even the scattered debris from of those flying insects or bugs that hit your windshield.

Unlike any common windshield wipers that can smear and obstruct your field of vision, following patented wiper blade promise to scrub your windshield clean from those sticky liquid debris that hard to be cleaned using standard windshield’s wiper blades.


These scrubbing windshield wiper blades are designed with offer remarkable cleaning ability even after 500,000 cycles of usage, where the inner edges of the blades have water channel that help to clean up those sticky and dirty debris off the windshield, for a clean and unhindered driving view.

You could install these scrubbing wiper blades easily on your car as they fit well on most types of wiper arms without tools needed for the installation. Wiper blades must be ordered individually as driver and passenger side lengths may differ.

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