Have super secret physical data, files, documents or stuffs that can’t afford getting it stolen by those unlawful hands? Following Theft Recovery Microchips is a neat anti-theft type of tiny gadget that designed to allow owner or law enforcement officer to verify radio frequency to decide for legal ownership of the stolen items.

This Theft Recovery Microchips is designed for insertion under the hood or permanent implant into somewhere where the theft might not easily noticed about, it could inside a guitar’s endblock, inside a painting wooden frame or even a firearm’s stock using the included 3/32-inch drill bit by make a tiny hole inside the firearm for ease of hiding this microchip.


It might not be easy to insert inside a thin smartphone, but guess you could always get a rugged case for your iPhone and implant the tiny Theft Recovery Microchips somewhere around the frame of the case. Built using the similar technology for identifying lost pets, this theft recovery microchip allows its owner to register each chip using a proprietary global database.

This amazing tiny little chip is that it will signal ownership even if the thief has removed or altered an item’s original serial number. At 0.5-inch long and no thicker than the lead of a pencil at 3/32-inch, these theft recovery microchips are still detectable even if it is hidden inside a 1.5-inch deep.

The microchip also adheres to plastic, metal or even wood surfaces when drilling isn’t practical or desired using the included tube of epoxy. A set of the theft recovery microchips consist of five tiny microchips, weighing about 1 oz.

Currently being sold for $99.95, you could get this theft recovery microchips now, right here!