Is there any alternative to solar, wind, magnet and kinectic energy for ‘green’ renewable energy for solution to solve world’s energy crisis? Scottish Power Renewables has taken bold move to install a 100-feet 1Mega Watt under water turbine, off the coast of Orkney island, UK.

Scottish Power Renewables’ under water turbine power generator will be using large tidal energy to harvest the power of water instead of wind. Currently, the mega watt under water turbine is supplying power for the island of Eday and thus far is performing well.


The whole construction of the entire project’s under water turbines will accomplished between 2013 and 2015, and each single turbine is reported to have the capability to supply enough power for up to 500 households entire year, without much worries about wind storm, but does have problem if earth quakes occurs under sea basin where the water turbines are being installed.

[ Source: Dvice ; Scottish Power Renewables ]