Sindre Klepp has an interesting idea of how an executive’s suitcase should take shape in near future. Catching an airplane, rush hours from work to the airport will likely become predicted behaviors for top executives or businessmen with busy daily schedules to keep up with.


The TITAN High Roller Suitcase is designed with a scooter concept with flexible pull-able roller blade at the bottom of the suitcase. In this way, you could skate your way to the airport check-in counter without having to drag your suitcase while half running the long airport terminals.


Moreover,  you also get a hard little case for your laptop, netbook or tablet at one side of the suitcase, you could slide the suitcase/luggage beneath your front seat’s bottom space for a comfortable leg-rest.


No idea what dimension the TITAN High Roller Suitcase yet, but guess it should fit well into the space at the bottom of the seat in order to provide convenience leg-rest for you.

[ Source: Yanko Design ; Sindre Klepp ]