Ever played Cut The Rope Android game before? You will surely enjoy the following To-Fu: Trials of Chi that allows you to gain adventure into various unknown chambers to find out the exit to your quest!

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Yes, it is a super elastic ‘To-Fu’ or beancurd that actually study the art of Chi, it can stick and become pretty elastic using its chi to solve all the challenge ahead. He’s pliable, resilient, and tasty, besides pairing nicely with noodles or soup, he’s an excellent weapon for sticking, slinging, and flinging through the Trials of Chi.

To play, stretch To-Fu with your finger and aim in the direction you would like him to go. Once you release, To-Fu will fly through the air and land at a new destination. Along the way, pick up “chi,” by flying through the round chi balls. You must watch for different emblems to pick up as well. If you accidentally run into any of the obstacles, such as spikes, it will end your trial as To-Fu will not survive the impact. Fortune Kitty waits patiently for you at the end of each trial.


The trials become more and more difficult as you go along. There are 100 trials to get through in order to become a “Master Chi.” The replay value is high, since each trial can be completed with different moves.

The music and sound effects are impressive. The music is instrumental with an oriental feel. The sound effects from To-Fu are also very cute, especially when he is stretching. If you ignore him, he might sneeze, just to remind you he is still waiting for a move.

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