One survival gadget that you might want to bring along when going deep to the jungle or unknown terrain is probably following Tool Logic SLP2 SL Pro 2, Bead Blast, Flashlight and Firesteel.

Despite the long name, Tool Logic SLP2 SL Pro 2 offers much convenience for adventurers. The magnesium alloy fire starter is rated for up to a thousand strikes, with the wonderful sparks shower throwing even when in wet condition.


The 3-inch razor sharp blade comes in handy size with the diamond sharpener, perfect for cutting wild fruits during your journey deep into the jungle, you could also use it to cut the watermelon that you bring along for outdoor picnic.



Tool Logic SLP2 SL Pro 2, Bead Blast, Flashlight and Firesteel will be a neat companion for your backpack and outdoor activities. Moreover, attached flashlight will be useful for dark condition. Check for best pricing, right here.

Hiking, camping and backpacking, this is one tool you want to carry around with you.