Toothbrush is known as a place where germs and bacteria love to stay because of the moisture and humidity it obtains after tooth brushing.



And a Japanese company has came up with a bright idea of using dual-powered UV sanitizer for your toothbrush that offers USB power option. Traveler could always keep your toothbrush clean from germs and bacteria while you’re busy in front of your computer early in the morning.

The sanitizer itself is slightly larger than a travel toothbrush, has a UV light bulb for sanitizing germs and bacteria. Either plug it to your USB port or insert two AAA batteries to the sanitizer. Bundled package comes with an USB cable but the batteries are not. Probably one of the nice thing you need to own when swine flu is shivering around the globe.

Carrying one of these to ensure your toothbrush is always clean and free of unwanted germs and bacteria, and it’ll hardly run out of power as the dual power options are flexible for people on the go.