Conventional writing tools might become something ancient in years to come, and yet, we owe them a lot for recording great thinking and ideas to  bring mankind to an even better and promising future. Below are the list of awesome writing instruments we have stumbled across…

01. Lamborghini Pen


Omas has made a line of writing instruments themed with Lamborghini car design. The Lamborghini Pen features a triangular barrel inspired by the sharp lines of a Lamborghini.

The body of the Lamborghini pen is coated with aluminum on matte PVD, while the nib of the fountain pen is made of rhodium plated with eighteen karat of gold. Only one thousand fountain pens will be manufactured along with nine hundred and sixty three roller ball pens, totaling 1963 which is the year Lamborghini was founded.


02. The Cramp Free Pen.


Taking the same similar to the letter ‘Y’, Cramp Free Pen is designed to help eliminate the strain usually associated with long periods of writing. Build using sturdy aluminum with a high-gloss chrome finish, the ergonomic pen has rubber grips on three sides for your index finger and thumb. For those love handwriting, the Cramp Free Pen will ensure smooth and enjoyable writing by eliminating hand cramps. Works well for left- and right-handed writers, to start writing, simply twist on the pen body will do the trick.


You could get one for USD19.95, right here!


03. The Fountain Pen Concept


An idea by Vivien Muller, the Fountain pens concept is inspired by those conventional, old days type of writing instruments using bird’s feather.  Definitely one sexy looking pen for your desk. Reminds you about Harry Potter’s movie?