For those running department stores or groceries stores, Toshiba has invented a new barcode scanner that capable to scan fruits and vegetables without have the troubles to manually stick conventional barcodes on these items for ease of identifying the prices at the counter.

Basically, the idea is to incorporate a camera to capture, scan and identify the vegetables or fruits placed taken to the lens by darkening the color and reducing the background noise of the image. Once identified, it will access database and update cashier’s cash register for the latest pricing.

Hopefully this solution will finally free all impatient shoppers from the long queueing as the results of manual tracking pricing for those unidentified barcodes on vegetables or fruits.

Video and Image Credit: Digiinfo TV

In the prototype testing, Toshiba’s camera was capable to identify beer cans, coupons as well as three different species of Apples including Mutsu, Jonagold and Fuji. If you arrive at this page seeking a cash register machine at competing price, click here to get more info.

[ Source: Diginfo TV ]