Toshiba is rumored making the lightest 13-inch laptop equipped with fast charging SCiB (Super Charged Ion Battery). It will have a weight less than 1Kg, including the weigh of attached SSD. The 13-inch laptop will also get 16:9 aspect ratio, USB 3.0 dock, and standard voltage CPU (a Core i5 is teased).


Latest update on the specifications, Toshiba is going for either Core i3, i5, or i7-620 processor, either 500GB hdd or 512GB SSD and a 4GB RAM. The amazing part is on the SCiB, for a 10-minute recharge, SCiB capable of restoring up to 90 percent of its battery power on the prototype version back in 2008. Expect faster speed of recharging time for the final version.

No further info regarding pricing and availability yet.

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