Despite many favorable word of mouth of Corning Gorilla Glass, Corning does not stop innovating for better product. The recently released video will show you about Corning’s vision into the future with their protective, damage-resistant glass.

Watch the ‘A Day Made of Glass’ and you will aware what type of industries Corning is aiming to serve in near future…

  1. Photovoltaic Glass, for high efficiency, optically versatile and durability display, i.e: digital alarm, scheduler
  2. Frameless LCD Television Glass, for large format, ultra thin and frameless design display, i.e: frameless TV
  3. Architectural Display Glass, offering pristine surface, electronics enabling and touch sensitive display, i.e: interactive mirror
  4. Architectural Surface Glass, for tough, thermally durable and display enabling, i.e: electronic stove
  5. Appliance Veneer Glass, for seamless design, electronics enabling, scratch & smudge resistant display, i.e: interactive refrigerator
  6. Handheld Display Glass, for thin & lightweight, damage resistant and touch sensitive display, i.e: transparent mobile phone
  7. Automotive Display Glass, for streamlined design, advanced in-car functionality display, i.e: touch sensitive in-car computer
  8. Automotive Design Glass, for photosensitive, and durability display, i.e: car’s sunroof,
  9. Large Format Display Glass, for weather resistant, electro-optics enabling, optically adaptable display, i.e: outdoor digital billboard
  10. All Weather Display Glass, for damage resistant, display enabling and touch sensitive display, i.e: interactive bus stop
  11. Wall Format Display Glass, for large scale, seamless design and touch sensitive indoor display, i.e: interactive wall
  12. Work Surface Display Glass, for durable, versatile, application enabling display, i.e: interactive touch surface table
  13. Electronics Ready Glass, for pristine surface, exceptional optical clarity and interactive display, i.e: photo editing and video editing surface
  14. Large Pane Display Glass, for high visual impact, multifunctional, and interactive display, i.e: large indoor transparent display
  15. Flexible Display Glass, for ultra-thin, rollable, electronics enabling display, i.e: flexible, roll-able computer
  16. 3D TV Display Glass, for vivid & immersive, thin & lightweight, frameless design, i.e: 3D home entertainment display and finally the
  17. Portable Display Glass, for ultra-thin, flexible, electronics enabling, i.e: flexible ebook-reader


Phew, Corning surely pretty aggressive in their market expansion portfolios, nevertheless, it is always good to know how visual technology in our world will evolve the upcoming ten or perhaps twenty years to come. 😉

[ Source: Corning A Day Made of Glass Video ; Corning ]