Running faster and jumping farther is now possible for those athlete or those with regular daily or bi-weekly running exercises. The latest TRAMP-It shoes are designed using Nike’s sport shoes combine with flexible strip attached under the shoes from the heel offering more distance reach in your running or jumping exercises.


It will offer you the feeling of jumping or running on a trampoline, TRAMP-It shoes are fully adjustable depending on whether you’re just walking around in them, running or leaping along the street or city park. However, the TRAMP-It shoes are designed for someone up to 100kg or 220 pounds in weight, other heavy weight champions will have to bear with the manufacturer for the moment, as more on foot running or touching the ground jogging is likely a better exercises to eliminate those unwanted fat.
TRAMP-It shoes are available in sizes S (UK 1 – 3.5), M (UK 4 – 6), L (UK 6.5 – 8), it offers wonderful benefits to your body, including trains endurance and coordination, strengthens muscles and tissues, increases oxygen supply, reduces neck and back pain, burn away calories, adjustable size, breathable base shoe, quick lacing system with additional click-fastener, adjustable spring adapts to the body weight, and suitable for both children and adults.

Price: USD164 ~ USD197 [ Get yours? Click here! ]

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