Looking for quality, digital alarm clock that could generate various sould touching sounds on many tranquil moments? Search no more, as the following Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds alarm clock is designed and meant for those inner peace seekers that want to spend some of their precious time alone, in a private session of Yoga, meditation or perhaps complete relax on their private hideout.

You could choose from 16 digitally mastered sound programs to help you sleep, relax and renew your tired soul and spirit. The are three timing of 30-, 60- and 90-minute sleep timer for you to choose from. For the wake sound, you could choose from the nature sounds, therapy sounds or gentle bell chimes.


This should be a neat addition for those sleepless geek that have no problem with soft and relax sounds for a good night sleep, but it will be a problem for those ‘tense nerves’ sleepless group of people that could get even more awake if listen to any type of sound, won’t they?

So, so much for the introductory, you might want to know what feature on this digital alarm clock


Tranquil Moments puts science in your sleep.
Its 16 soothing sound programs are based on Delta, Alpha or Theta brainwave frequencies. The sounds help coax your mind into a state of deep sleep, relaxation or renewal. The new Advanced model of our hugely popular Tranquil Moments Sound Therapy Systems adds four new programs designed to help mask the symptoms associated with ringing in the ear. It’s the perfect way to quiet down after a loud and busy day.

The perfect bedtime partner.
Exclusive Sleep Enhancement Technology™ gradually slows playback speed of each sound program over a 20-minute period. You can listen to Tranquil Moments® all night long (it really does help you stay asleep), or choose the Gradual-off/Gradual-on volume settings. The system also has a backlit dual alarm clock with five levels of brightness (including off), so you can replace your other bedroom clock.

Clinically Proven Sleep and Relaxation Sounds:
Unlike ordinary sleep sound machines, Tranquil Moments plays sound programs that were composed and engineered by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Founder of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research.

“Tranquil Moments® has sounds that encourage your brain to enter healthier states of sleep, relaxation and renewal. Its sounds are based on more than 25 years of clinical research.”
—Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, D.C.
Founder of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, Inventor of Tranquil Moments® Sound Therapy Programs.

Sleep programs
Four programs based on Delta brainwave frequencies to help you achieve a better, deeper sleep. They are White Noise, Rain, Celestial and Night.

Relax programs
Four sound programs based on Alpha brainwave frequencies encourage you to enter a state of healthy relaxation. Excellent for stress relief. They are Ocean, Storm, Serenity and Unwind.

Renew programs
Four Theta-frequency programs help you achieve a state that is conducive to active relaxation, concentration and peak performance. Perfect for meditation and focus. They are: Stream, Meditate, Focus and Rejuvenate.

Therapy programs
Four sound programs designed to help mask ringing in the ears. The perfect way to soothe your ears after a loud day. They are: Relieve, Soothe, Calm and Harmony.

The exclusive Sleep Enhancement Technology is designed to gradually slows playback speed of each sound program over a 30-minute period to gently lull you to sleep, while you could also set up the gradual-off and gradual-on volume settings for perfect level of volume to your liking.

This backlit dual alarm clock with 5 levels 
of brightness could runs using 4x AAA batteries of using portable AC adapter. Alternatively, you could use your headphone jack for private listening without risking the chance disturbing your room mate or next door neighbor.

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