Own a fancy Harley Davidson motorcycle and yet hard to find an awesome looking helmet for your road conquest journey? Well, if your inner voice urging you to become a transformer in your motorcycle riding group, here comes the cool looking Iron-man and Transformers’ characters helmets in following videos…

There are six modified motorcycle helmets that created by a YouTuber Tigerpause444. On the Iron-man helmet, it incorporate speaker on both side of the ear and an eye shield for cool appearance as well as eyes protection and blue LED light on the eye shield part for more realistic iron-man feeling, and these cool helmets also capable to change your voice too.




However, the creator reminds everyone that interested in the iron-man and transformers helmets about the Department of Transportation rules violation, as bolting screws into helmet is thus far prohibited, as helmets are meant to protect your brain and skull from major damage due to road accidents.

No wording about cost and commercialization.

[ Source: Dvice ; Youtube ]