If you are a rightie and seeking way to be a leftie, is there any fast way to transform how your brain work? One of the researches carried out by a team of scientists at the University of California Berkeley has successfully transform 33 right-handed volunteers to begin start using their left hands after using the so called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation technology.


The Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation technology is basically using a large magnetic field applied on the posterior parietal cortex region of the brain, which is the part that handle physical movements of human body.

While the tested group of volunteers weren’t spontaneously fully become leftie after the application, they did find that they started picking up stuffs with their left hand, such as pressing an elevator button and picking a coin.

The idea is to use technology to start doing good things for human being, such as making your brain favor healthy food over junk food, making you feel braver over paranoia, etc.

But technology is both side of a sword, it could heal and it could do harm for its users, the question is how will government regulate the use of this type of invention to prevent unwanted technology disaster being controlled by those irresponsible parties?

Imagine if the technology is not being properly controlled, would there  be any possibility being utilized by those terrorists to turn innocent people into life zombies that enjoy kill people?

Anyway, how free should the freedom be in a liberal country?!

[ Source: Gizmodo ;  University of California Berkeley ]