Imaginations are endless, and the true strength, however, lies on how to make your imagination come true. A neat wind sensing electrical switch dubbed ‘Turn Me On’ is a concept designed by Chris Haines. turn-me-on-switch-concept-chris-haines Switching on the lights at your home has never been so sexy. Simply give a soft and sensual blow of air into the human shape ear. The ‘Turn Me On’ light switch concept is in a human ear shape and made of cast plastic.

Frankly, who would want to put such an ear on their walls?  Unless the blow switch located on clean area with a lid covered, or if you give a cleaning job every day, otherwise, wouldn’t a soft blow will get enough dust into your face, your nose or your eyes? 😀 Anyway, it could not have been sexier than whispering to an ear to get what you want, don’t they? 😉 Images Credit: Chris Haines [ Source: Home Quotient ; Coroflot ]