A modded BMX bike that acts as a DJ’s turntable while allowing the DJ to riding the bike, this is latest innovation by engineers at COGOO, a bike sharing system in Japan.

Amazingly, you could listening and watch following video how this modded BMX bike create stunning sounds and remixes simply by riding and performing stunts using the bike!


Let’s roll the video to find out more about this COGOO’s DJ BMX…

Dubbed the Turntable Rider, COGOO designed the BMX’s wheels to also role as a turntable’s jog wheels. Meanwhile the BMX’s brakes act as the sound pads and the gyroscopic motion sensor also plays as a fader pad. The produced or generated mixed of sounds are then transmitted to the bike via an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth connectivity.

Scheduled for first debut during Kaikoo Popwave Festival 2012 later this month, the Turntable Rider will get performance by BMX rider Kotaro and DJ Baku.

[ Source: DJ TechTools ]