New mini type netbook – Datawind’s Linux based Ubisurfer netbook was announced on this Thursday.

The Ubisurfer is designed for internet users on the go and comes with an embedded Vodafone SIM  that enable you to access International Roaming even you are on your trip overseas. The wonder of this Vodafone SIM is that it could give you a GPRS connection to surf the internet without the bother of an USB dongle.


It features a 7-inch, 800 x 480px display, 128MB RAM, a 1GB of storage on-board, but easily expanded via an SDHC card, so you could simply add what you need.


The inbuilt communications devices in this Ubisurfer Netbook including a GPRS data connection and Wi-Fi, as well as having speakers for the playback of your media.

What more interesting is its 5p per minute roaming charges, this offer might appeal most mobiler in Europe who want to access the Internet while moving around. You won’t have to worry about any additional expense that comes with a more conventional netbook and mobile broadband dongle.





Using VodaFone SIM service you could get 30 hours of browsing a month for £159. The Ubisurfer will be on sale in Maplin soon.

Price: no relevant info yet.

[ Source: Pocket-lint ; Hardwaresphere ]

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