A smart design could literary means changing how the industry’s perspective on how a gadget should take shape. That’s why, a good design plays an important role in determining whether a newly launched product will get accepted by the market or end users or not.

The new design featured at YankoDesign by a South Korean designer, Jeong Jaewan is trying to show the audience about the smartly combined smartphone function and a pocket projector features in a slim and stylish pocket size gadget. The design outlook should able to tell users about new approach of how typing on the smartphone projector should be done.


UFO is the name of the concept for the smartphone projector that will have interactive color projection keyboard usable at any solid flat surface.

Similar to the Blue Optics’ laser projection interactive display, UFO concept offers additional features of smartphone as well as projector in a fancy slim and pocket size mobile gadget.


Another ‘smart’ introduced by Jong Jaewan through the UFO concept is the suggestion for mounting the device on a wall for on wall projection or on wall interactive display. Should this become the next idea for changing and integrating technology, display and mobile computer taking its shape within the next decade? Would it be the next cool device replacing interactive display that must be mounted or attached wholly onto the wall surface in order for the display to work.


Images Credit: Jaewan Works

The cloud storage through WiFi or local hotspots is somehow an indication that people are seeking for a slimmer, simpler, faster and more flexible yet offer greater convenience on near future mobile electronic devices.

In one plain sentence, the idea is to integrate and offers presentation, communication and entertainment functions and features in one mobile device!

[ Source: Yanko Design ]