Geeks with gifted talent and fluent fingers in playing piano since they were babies, this is definitely the cool gadget you have been waiting for! The ultra portable Wrist Mounted Finger Piano from Japan will let you enjoy playing your piano even while you were on the train, drinking your morning coffee at Starbucks or while you are sitting ‘fishy-ly’ inside the toilet.

Also useful for amateur pianists that seeking way to practice effortlessly where they go, the Wrist Mounter Finger Piano does not require any touchscreen smartphone. Simply put on the weird glove and insert your fingertips inside the clips and you are ready to start playing your virtual piano anytime, anywhere.


A simple press down of your finger on a solid surface will trigger the wrist mounted finger piano to produce a specific sound. Designed with three volume levels, the Wrist Mounted Finger Piano also comes with three sound banks including piano, bells and cat, yeap, you read it right, a musical cat sound!

Powered by 3x LR44 batteries, the Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is now available right here!

Have fun with your talented fingers!

[ Source: Wrist Mounted Finger Piano ]