Have you seen Honda UNI-CUB? This new personal mobility device with single seat saddle comes with auto-balancing technology similar to segway, where user will hardly fall down from the seat since the UNI-CUB will auto detect your body posture and gives necessary balance whenever you sit on the saddle.

Honda UNI-CUB personal mobility device is designed to offer harmony with people, basically aimed for places where walking from point to point could be a problem, spoiling the user to rest both of their legs whenever they do not want to walk manually around. Ideal places could be international airport, huge library, college, school, huge private or government offices, large properties area, such as resorts, luxury hotel, or even large size factories.


Users could enjoy the compact and comfortable saddle, but one thing for a reminder, as from above video you could see that the pedal seems a bit lack of flexibility, user’s feet need to be angled to get the resting point, probably there will be improvement in near future?

Honda UNI-CUB itself is the evolution of previous generation of U3-X personal mobility device that was announced by Honda back in 2009. This UNI-CUB will become world’s first omni-directional (Honda Omni Traction Drive System) driving system with sitting saddle on the top with balance control technology.

Image & Video Credit: Honda

The revolutionary part will be the flexibility to move sideways to the right or to the left without having to actually turning around. Users could control the movement speed and direction and move freely wherever they wish, to turn or stop, all simply by shifting user’s body weight for preferred motion and direction.

Currently, Honda has equipped the UNI-CUB with up to 6km of traveling range, and up to 6 km/h maximum speed. Unfortunately, we have not hear any info about pricing and availability outside Japan yet.

[ Source: Honda ; Honda Youtube Channel ]