It is getting hot in southern hemisphere right now, for those of you that enjoy water sports, especially skiing using a tow boat, here is a neat unmanned mini tow boat that could be used without having to rent a speedboat with its driver.

This Unmanned Mini Tow Boat is about 8-feet long, powered by a three cylinder, two-stroke 70 horsepower engine with a jet pump and axial flow propulsion capable to generate speed up to 40 MPH, and yest, it looks just like a mini version speedboat, it is designed for usage in water that’s at least 6-feet deep. This Skier Mini Tow Boat has the capabilities to create wakes and waves for jumps, slalom skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding or tubing as well other water skiing tricks.


Boasting a lifetime guarantee, this unmanned mini tow boat comes with a handle designed for skier to have control of where the tow boat moving, eliminating the necessity of finding a speedboat driver for your water ski enjoyment. The two rope handle’s remote has seven-buttons on the control panel for north (accelerate), east(right turn), west(left turn), south(decelerate), start, stop and horn for warning animals, vessels or people that might hinder your water skiing route.


The mini tow boat has a dimension of 94 1/2″ x 41 1/2″ x 29″ (LxWxH), weighing 375 lbs. The tri-hull boat has durable fiberglass and molded plastic body and a bilge pump that will automatically pump out water that get inside the mini vessel.


This Unmanned Mini Tow Boat has a six-gallon gas tank and will automatically stop the engine whenever user/skier lets go of the handle. Along with the bundle you will get a 40-feet long tow rope.

P.S: It is ideal for use in water that’s at least 6′ deep.

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Enjoy your water skiing session!