Uno electric motorcycle is designed by Ben Gulak, a Canadian studying Mechanical Engineering at Harvard University. The Uno motorcycle have two parallel wheels with a side by side configuration that resembles the outlook of a unicycle.

uno-9 The difference to a unicycle are an angle iron, batteries, gyroscopes, and wheelchair motors. Gulak has also added appealing color to make the Uno motorcycle looks more attractive than a segway plus a motorized wheel-chair. Weighing approximately 120lbs, the wheelchair motors will let users to ride the Uno motorcycle up to 2.5 hours long.

The surprising part there is no actual controls apart from its handle bars and Uno motorcycle depends largely on the rider’s ability keep his or her weight at the balance point.


Newer version of Uno motorcycle that Ben Gulak is now working on, however, has three wheels. When it reaches 15mph (24km/h), the middle wheel moves to the front, while the outer two move to the back and squeeze together.


First unveiled at the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show in 2008, Uno Motorcycle also awarded a Top 10 Prize on Popular Science’s list of  Invention Awards also in 2008.

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