What if a cheap usb hard drive could also act as a connection media bridging data interchange between two pcs or two laptops or pc to laptop and reversely?


U360 usb flash pen from the PQI Cool Drive appear to be a standard USB drive, however, you could also use it to transfer data between two computers, with its built in software and a simple USB cable connection.

Simply as it looks, Just connect one end to a PC via normal USB port and the other end via the Mini USB port and you can transfer data easily with the built in software.


The PQI Cool Drive U360 surface is in dark red, its body sliding lid design prevent users from loosing the lid.

You could choose from ranges of usb flash drive capacities (4Gb up to 16GB), it could assist you in transferring data between both computers at a speed up to 21 MB/s.

Price : no information on pricing yet.

[ Source : FarEastGizmo ; GeekyGadgets via SlipperyBrick ]