I guess Damjan Stanković must love to watch the Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, and was so inspired by the bees shape that drove him to design the flexible USBee Flash Drive concept. The USBee Flash Drive also won the first prize at the MS Industrial USB Competition held by Serbian Design Community forum DizajnZona™.







When you are in rush, USB flash drive might constantly being accidentally ripped out, knocked off or jammed into your computer causing not only damage to the external item but the computer’s USB plug itself. Here comes the idea from the Serbian designer, Damjan Stankovic, believe that flexibility in design can solve this problem.

Ergonomically designed to bend at life’s will in any direction, this USB flash drive features a vented housing for cooling(I did not realize these needed cooling), and a detachable protective cap that snaps onto the back end of the device when not in use.

No info when this concept will go for production or how big the storage capacity or the pricing yet.