In respond to increasing demand of the high speed transportation vehicle and growing concern over the environmental pollution and green issues, Chinese Ministry of Railways has appointed Bombardier Sifang(Qingdao), a child company of Bambardier Transportation to carry out the project of providing “80 very high speed trains”. China’s government is planning to spend USD300 Billions on creating greener transportation means until 2020.





Meanwhile, the very high speed trains, ZEFIRO 380 trains, are efficient in fuel consumption and are very fast in speed. A future green vehicle where people will tend using trains rather than air planes for their business or personal trips.


The initial investment for Zefiro is estimated reaching 27.4 billion Chinese Renminbis ($4 billion US, 2.7 billion euros).

But this is only part of it. As Alex recently wrote, “China is investing over $300 billion in high-speed rail through 2020, in a bid to speed ahead of the rest of the world’s train systems.”

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