Modern science has found that too much exposure to UV Ray could cause many problems to our skin, such as early aging, cancer, blemishes, and other skin problems. For those who carry out field works and have exposure to uv ray in a frequent manner, is there any way to detect how save the radiating uv ray one being expose to?


We hardly came across a portable gadget that provide a simpler yet powerful way to detect UV ray exposure for its users. But, Tarius is one of the few innovative concept designs, we might say, that has the portable, simple, and fashionable tags.



Users could easily attached the device onto their jacket or hose to detect UV rays both natural and artificial. The glossy LED display could show the necessary readings and can be easily controlled with one touch button located in the lower part of it. A clump is on the behind to ease user for attaching it to their belts, jackets or other convenient places.

[ Source: Tuvie ; Julien Bergignat ]