What’s the best wishes for Valentine? A kiss? A hug? A good morning breakfast in bed? You have it! The Love Token specially created for Valentine is one need gadget for you, either as a husband, a wife or simply for your love one.


Demand an extra service or devote your romantic pledges for your other half prior the special night by giving the pouch consists of Love Token to your special one and asks her/him to wish upon.

You could ask your special one to pick one or perhaps three tokens, whatever seems convenient to you, for her/him to make one or three wishes of ‘love efforts’, she/he wishes you to carry out during the romantic valentine day!

Firebox seems to understand lovers’ need to be spoiled especially during the special event such as Valentine’s day. And the Love Tokens are hand made craft with cute, unique and beautifully design. Go and make the Love Token your romantic pledges for your other ‘special’ half.  Happy Valentine!

Price: GBP9.99 [ get the Love Token here ]